Join us on June 4th 2019, 11:30am EDT / 16:30 BST


commonSENSE are delighted to be participating in the TE Tech Talks series tomorrow. Don’t forget to register to join us June 4! Let us know what you'd like to learn on the Twitter poll


Title: TE Tech Talk with commonSENSE

Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Time: 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 30 minutes


During our presentation, the commonSENSE team will talk about how the solution supports regulatory demand within the Life-Sciences workspace and helps keep the end-user safe, delivering a new highly-accurate and dependable benchmark in monitoring the production, storage and distribution of critically sensitive goods.

commonSENSE will also share insights on how partnering with TE helped mitigate future process failures with the use of smart digital monitoring devices and systems.

TE work closely with tech entrepreneurs to develop connectivity and sensor solutions for opportunities around IoT, IIoT, 5G, V2X, and more. Through these collaborations, TE engineers are helping established and emerging innovators solve the complex requirements involved in building transformative technology.

Together, we are helping make the world safer, sustainable, productive, and connected. 



Kristen Weidenmuller
Moderator | Manager, Global Engineering & Technology Communications
TE Connectivity

As TE's Manager of Global Engineering and Technology Communications, Kristen drives engagement within TE’s engineering and technology community. Committed to demystifying the art of communication, Kristen works across the enterprise to increase organizational agility, foster a culture of innovation, and drive brand pride and advocacy.

Andrew Mills
Chief Technology Officer
commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions Ltd.

Andy is an experienced hardware and software development engineer, with skills including circuit board design, integrated circuit (chip) design, embedded software development, mobile software development for iOS, Android & Windows Mobile; web-based software development; cloud infrastructure setup, management and automation with Amazon Web Services and relational database design and development.

Paul Humphries
Chief Executive Officer
commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions Ltd.

Paul is an experienced Director skilled in Verification and Validation (V&V), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Medical Devices, Vaccines & Change Control. Focussing on: Temperature & Humidity Mapping / Cold Chain Management / On and off-site Traceable UKAS Accredited Calibrations / Life-Sciences Regulatory Compliance / Equipment, Process, Facility, Control System & IT Validation.

Karl Jenks
Chief Financial Officer
commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions Ltd.

Karl is iInstrumental in the healthcare industry quality control process; helping clients deliver product integrity and the resulting sustained effectiveness of medication. Regulatory Compliance & Validation demands critical thinking around testing, inspecting and ultimate evaluation of the process itself — from point of manufacture, controlled storage and distribution.

Travis R R Hurlock
Chief Marketing Officer
commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions Ltd.

A global blue-chip digital agency background (cross-sector), Travis carries vision to credible reality in deployment of complex IIOT 4.0 integrated solutions B2B & B2C, made-simple and relevant to the individual. Focussing on: Brand Loyalty / AI & Machine Learning / BIG-Data, High-Performance Analytics / Precognition / Digital Creative & Product Design / UX ~ User Engagement / Commercial Macro Objectives.

Michael Basel
Project Manager, Sensor Solutions
TE Connectivity

Michael leads a cross-functional team through development projects focused on different temperature sensor components (analogue and digital) and including complex sensor systems. He is responsible for defining and delivering to quality requirements, driving prototype builds, and communicating with customers.