commonSENSE PRO™ offers total flexibility; connect multiple transceivers to our gateway system, with encrypted military-grade cloud security.

Integrate to your company intranet with single-sign-on, or simply endorse CS-PRO™ as a secure standalone system.

With tiered access to privileges, our clients enjoy access to relevant strategic information. From senior global monitoring responsibilities right through to independent site engineers, no other integrated system offers such transparency and ultimate accountability.

Our 'BIG Data' and 'High Performance' analytical archive engines offer targeted access to all of your information 24/7. Enjoy both a Macro and Micro approach to determining trends and uncovering more granular insights.

Fully tailored monitoring solutions as unique as you are. Businesses call upon commonSENSE to assess, forge and build fully-validated systems, behind secure networks. Backed by VQS, an ISO 17025 UKAS accredited company.

  • Configurable multi-platform smart alerts
  • Military grade, encrypted cloud security
  • Big-Data, on demand
  • High-performance analytics
  • Scaleable platforms, worldwide
  • Tiered access to privileges
  • Compliance & quality assurance
  • System validation
  • Thermal mapping
  • Equipment calibration
  • Unrivalled accuracy