Built from the ground-up; commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions are as fastidious about your online user experience as we are about designing market-leading hardware.

We're continuously innovating, refining and more importantly LISTENING; even when it comes to a matter of personal taste. The new Day / Night tab instantly transforms the LIVE working environment, so you can be at one with your monitoring system, whatever the time of day.

Other useful features include our 'hints & tips' tab and video tutorials, enabling you to fast-track new users. As intuitive as our portal is; we also support YOU the individual, providing an invaluable anonymised feedback centre.

Unlike antiquated systems of old - somewhat set in their ways, commonSENSE offer a refreshing approach to your overall digital experience; with regular version updates, based upon your actual needs.

The commonSENSE PRO proposition offers senior management, quality teams and HR departments a chance to test new features within an online demo, prior to ultimate release.

Working with you in mind, always.